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understand your cells in context

Research Services at single cell resolution

Spatial and Single cell multiomics on demand


understand your cells in context

Research Services at single cell resolution

Spatial and Single cell multiomics on demand

Three Dimension Genomics (3DG)  is a contract research company specializing in single cell and spatial multiomics. Over the last four years we have conducted dozens of single cell projects on the 10XGenomics Chromium platform across hundreds of cell samples. We specialize in spatial transcriptomics with fresh frozen and FFPE tissue samples. 


We focus on single cell technologies including spatial multiomics, scRNAseq, and high content imaging. We are an end-to-end service partner, from designing the study with you, receiving cell or tissue samples, and deliver the highest quality transcriptome, proteome and image data. 


We have worked with multiple biotech companies and global pharma companies. Our projects range from pilot studies of <10 samples to multiomics studies on 100+ samples involving spatial and single nuclei transcriptomics. 

Areas of Expertise:

Spatial Transcriptomics on Fresh Frozen and FFPE Tissues

Single Cell and Single Nucleus RNAseq

Immunofluorescence Imaging 

FACS enrichment of marker specific cells

High Content Analysis of cell and tissue models

Screen Shot 2021-05-16 at 11.44.37 AM.pn

Workflow schematic for 10XGenomics Visium spatial transcriptomics processing.

Screen Shot 2021-05-16 at 11.45.09 AM.pn

Scaling overview from tissue section to captured mRNA and sequence-ready cDNA.

Screen Shot 2021-05-16 at 11.46.45 AM.pn
Screen Shot 2021-05-16 at 11.46.36 AM.pn

H&E staining and spatial clustering of reads from Visium.

"3DG has done an excellent job of experiment design, execution and data


Alan D. Widgerow, MD

Professor, UC Irvine &

CMO, Alastin Skin Care Inc.

"We were very pleased with the adaptability, responsiveness and quality of scientific thinking, data

production and analysis"

James Lillie, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

OvaScience, Inc.

"Based on our positive experience and the results of that first study,

we conducted two more follow-on scRNAseq studies"

Head of Research,

Large Biotech Company

"Thank you so much for the... feedback, explanations, insights you have been giving us"

Research Director,

Global Pharmaceutical Company, UK

"It has been great working with you and your team."

Bioinformatics Scientist

Global Pharmaceutical Company, USA


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