3DG is a contract research services company specializing in custom in vitro studies. We work with industry scientists and academic investigators to advance their research aims. We work with you to design the study, build the best cell models and develop informative data analysis workflows.


We focus on single cell technologies including scRNAseq, high content analysis (HCA), FACS analysis and sorting. We specialize in designing, building and conducting the biological studies leading up to the single cell analysis.

We conduct in vitro studies with well defined cell lines in monolayer culture and specialize in 2.5d and 3d models such as spheroids and organoids. We also conduct studies using dissociated tissues or frozen tissue sections. We develop custom cell lines and assays when needed.


Small to Large: We have conducted small focused studies using a single plate of cells to large high throughput screens of more than a million wells.


Areas of Expertise:

Single Cell and Single Nucleus RNAseq

Cell, Organoid, and Tissue models

Custom Cell Line Development

Stem Cell Derived Models

Phenotypic Screening

High Content Analysis

Plate Based Assays

FACS Analysis

"3DG has done an excellent job of experiment design, execution and data


Alan D. Widgerow, MD

Professor, UC Irvine &

CMO, Alastin Skin Care Inc.

"We were very pleased with the adaptability, responsiveness and quality of scientific thinking, data

production and analysis"

James Lillie, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

OvaScience, Inc.

"Based on our positive experience and the results of that first study,

we conducted two more follow-on scRNAseq studies"

Head of Research,

Publicly traded biotech co.

"Thank you so much for the... feedback, explanations, insights you have been giving us"

Research Director,

Major Pharmaceutical Company, UK

"It has been great working with you and your team."

Bioinformatics Scientist

Major Pharmaceutical Company, USA


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